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With the carried out passion and enthusiasm in the field of Information and Communication Technology, NAV Solution is in pursuit of delivering a world class service to the entire Nation. Our goals and visions are backed by a team of professional experts in their respective fields, offering you the service you have been waiting for.

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We have worked with many popular companies and given many hardware and software solutions to solve any issue smoothly.

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the backbone

Serving your business with Broadcasting, Fiber to the home (FTTH) equipment, Smart security and smart home automation, NAV Solution offers wide range of products from best of the best brands across the globe.

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Our Hardware Services


the soul

We not only offer you a product suited for your business, we also custom build software for your business for better automation in operation. NAV Solution offers Subscriber Management Software, Value added Service and Automation software to emphasize your business needs.

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Our Software Services


the muscle

Helping nation excel in the broadcasting service, we aim to provide world class technical solution to our clientele. Our technical solution is the gateway to your success in broadcasting industry.

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Our technical Services


NAV is one of the renowned system integrators in Nepal for digital headend. We are specialists in DVB-C, DVB-S2, MMDS, IPTV and OTT platforms and their system designs. We are proud to accomplish a first HEVC based headend... in Nepal. We work in cooperation with our international partner ABV, King Type, UMT, ROKS-TV, Digicast and TBS.

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NAV also provides system designing on IPTV and OTT Platforms. The design contains WOWZA media servers, Flussonic Server, Transcoders, IP Gateways, VOD management and many more.

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NAV has proudly completed the first DVB-S2 Ku band based MMDS project successfully in Nepal , Also became first to adapt HEVC technology in Nepal , NAV is working on wireless transmission since decades , The technology is incorporated with ROKS-TV and UMT Ukraine .

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